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Made in the Netherlands

Cheese, flowers and Schiphol International... is there more to the Netherlands than this?

Did you know that the world's best audio system for the hotel industry is made in the Netherlands?

Because of the country's engineering techniques and straightforward approach to business, Dampf has won the hearts (and ears) of guests in the deluxe hospitality section.

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Dampf works with apps and music streaming services

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Guests about Dampf

Surveys reveal that a sense of home comfort is highly important to guests.

What is more gratifying than your own personal music?

Below some on-line reviews mentioning Dampf:

''Very comfortable and luxurious room with all amenities you could wish for (they even have built in Bluetooth speakers that connect wirelessly to your phone so you can hear your own songs throughout the room!)'' - Tripadvisor

''Very happy with the friendly staff and our spacious room with all it’s nice features. The audio system was very easy to use and even played international radio in the bathroom in good quality sound.'' - Expedia

''Super bathroom and sound system''- Booking.com

‘’We especially enjoyed listening to our favourite songs while enjoying the beautiful city skyline’’ - Tripadvisor

‘’The level of service we got from all employees and the possibility to play your own songs in the room were big bonuses.’’ – Booking.com

''...Bluetooth audio built into the room allows you to listen to you own tunes from your iPhone, etc.''- Tripadvisor

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The magic of Dampf restores your personal world.

The uniquely easy installation and use for Technical Services makes Dampf the natural choice for every high-end hotel. Our valued clients are our testimony.

Dampf's high quality standards offer guarantees for the future. Choose the simple, high tech option.


For the first time, we are open to cooperation with a few selected dealers for the hotel industry.

Our focal point is always on what the user needs. Our hotel audio solutions are therefore a perfect fit. They offer simplicity in an increasingly complex field.

An experience over and above the rest for the guest - and happy hotel management. That's our quest.

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